JOTON stands for high quality products and services to be delivered in the most efficient way globally.

Manufacturers are welcome to submit their high quality products to our database, all data will not be published to the public before strict verification according to a series of quality standard, besides, consumers are welcome to contribute their comments on any products in the database, if any crucial issues related with any of products in the database, the products will be suspended immediately for further verification.

If problems reach the bottom line of safety, all data will be unpublished and transfer to the blacklist for future reference. All damage caused by the products, the supplier has full responsibility to pay all the cost related with it, local law is supported by our team and lawyers.

All products in our database will be supplied to the local market first, to reduce the long distance transportation from one continent to another. At the same time, carbon emission is reduced. Updates are maintained in daily basis,to keep all products are available when users can find it online.

Services database is parallel and separated from products database in order to enable users to find a service more efficiently.

All services in our database have the top level of quality guarantee and will be tracked from the quoting phase to the after selling service phase. Each service case has a unique number to identified for life time, to provide reference for future users.

To wrap up our main services, they are products database, services database, the record of tracking each case to form up a timeline list.



Joton.net is going to be launched soon but we need an IT expertise who is able to look after all our software and internet applications to ensure its performance to be great.

Please contact Edward for further details and a graphic designer is also welcome to join our team for a bright future.

Please send your CV and cover letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I really appreciate your time and interests on our cutting edge project!

(For project details, please contact Edward, we are setting up an online shop for retailing and small wholesale orders, and a free ads platform, which will be linked to mobile app in a short time, in other words, we have great potential to make a big cake, your participating might be our next key team member who would get decent reward later.)


Edward Zhou

Shenzhen, China

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to create and maintain a high standard of service and products quality for our own demand. We must apply the basic standard which is the fundamental for our life meaning and security, safe food, reliable service in an ethical way.

This is an exciting website which enable us to get what we need and want, also we could use our expertise to create value for each other, mutually beneficial is the key point for our mission.